Yin is a gentle, nurturing, slow-paced yoga style suitable for everyone. No experience necessary. Simple postures are held for several minutes at a time. Through these long holds you will ultimately learn how to sit with yourself in stillness and encourage the body and nervous system to relax. 
This healing class will have you feeling challenged, will teach you to accept and surrender, will open your body, will increase your flow of 'QI' (energy/life-force) and will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and ready to float back into your life.
Yin is a perfect compliment to your yang Bikram practice. It will leave you feeling restored and relaxed. We will have a mid day mid month class, and an end of the day end of the month class. Classes are 90 mins. See below for the Sep-Dec schedule.

Price: €20 Drop In / 25% off for DCBY for monthly members or use your class card.



What could be better then yoga for brunch?! We are so excited to announce this new series of workshops which will take place every Saturday at 12.45-2.15pm. The idea is to introduce a variety of different styles of yoga / movement workshops to the studio and to promote local and not so local teachers. Try something new and throw yourself into something outside of your comfort zone. The workshops will cover a wide range of styles (Vinyasa, handstands, rocket, animal flow, acro- yoga)

All classes will be pitched at an OPEN level. You will not need any experience. We will have different styles on the menu every week. If you have always wanted to try another style of yoga here is your chance. The workshops will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.

Price: €25 Drop In / 25% off for DCBY for monthly members


This class is currently cancelled

Want to get in shape, build strength, increase your flexibility and look great?!
This one hour class focuses on hip-opening, back bends, lunges, preparation for handstands and much more to target certain body parts in order to improve your strength and flexibility and is a great compliment to your everyday yoga practise.
This class was put together by senior teacher Mary Jarvis (USA), who created a series of ‘homework exercises’ that she could do alongside the 90 minute Bikram series as a way of healing and strengthening her body after undergoing serious spinal  injuries from a car crash.
Fiona is honoured to be able to teach this class in her studio.
This is an open level class.

Drop In €14
(€8 supplement if on any DCBY monthly pack)
(€10 supplement if on a DCBY class pack)